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Zandoli Welcomes Angel Regis Felix!! Women in STEM on Board!


Zandoli International Foundation welcomes Angel Regis Felix on board this February!

Angel works as a telecom design engineer at a telecommunications firm in Pennsylvania.  She is the current President of Women Entrepreneurs of America, Philadelphia Chapter and their International Ambassador.  As the editor-in-chief of the FACES of WEA magazine her expansive capacity and national reach made it inevitable to appoint her as Director of Women’s Empowerment & Human Development and the Director of Zandoli STEM Council.

Mrs. Felix has been an advocate for education and empowerment in the Caribbean community for years.  She now serves as the Vice President of the Caribbean Culture Commission.  CCC’s main mission is to provide the ‘One Voice’ initiative for the Caribbean community by providing resources such as workshops and consultations on immigration and health care.  We are looking to cross pollinate with them on upcoming agendas including education counselling, voter registration, and export of local goods.

Angel and Director of Technology Corey Desir will work together to forward Zandoli’s ZTech agenda to include Caribbean women and girls in STEM.


Zandoli – “What advice do you have for young people today?”

Angel Regis Felix – “You don’t have to be the ra ra person all the time to make a difference, just be about your purpose. When you are about your purpose, everything else will fall in place. I’m just doing me and being about my purpose.  All this irrelevant white noise is exactly that. Irrelevant.”

We are so honored to have her on #TeamZandoli and are looking forward to forging ahead bright horizons in the field of technology.


Visit our website here.

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