Free STEM Training!

Zandoli STEM Incubator


Zandoli STEM Education is now accepting students for free training programs in the Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina, and in Castries, Saint Lucia.

Students may be admitted to one of the following training paths:

Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Chemistry,

Geophysics, Cyber  Security, Data Science, Computer Engineering,

Machine Learning, Robotics, Statistics, and Algorithms.


Requirements to apply:

1. Access to a computer.

2. Strength in Mathematics.

3. Intense desire to succeed.

4. Self motivation.

5. Deep sense of purpose.

6. Attend training near Raleigh/Durham or Castries, Saint Lucia.

7. At least 18 years of age, having completed high school or the equivalent.

8. 3 references from people in your community (no relatives).

Over 2 million STEM jobs will be needed in the United States by 2018.  The Average US salary for all STEM occupations is $85,000 compared to $45,000 for all other occupations.  Sign up for Zandoli’s free STEM incubator.



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