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Zandoli Africa: Tensions rise in Congo as militant groups kill police and civilians

The Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the resource-richest nations in the world, has been under militant attack in recent months.  As reported by Al Jazeera News, the Kamwina Nsapu militia killed 40 policemen by decapitating them on Saturday, sparing 6 others who spoke their native language.

The French government condemned the acts of violence in DRC and called for immediate action in a statement on their website.

The United Nations indicates that the group has killed over 400 people since August 2016.  10 mass graves were found in the crisis-torn region of Kasai.  Kasai is just a two-hour flight from Kinshasa, DRC’s capital city and metropolis.  The UN states that there are close to 19,000 troops deployed in Congo, with 100 in Kasai.



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