Zandoli hosts NO-CODE Hackathon: Competitive Intelligence Hackathon 2017


Our no-code hackathon is open to persons from all backgrounds to benefit from and contribute in analytical ways.

We invite experts in their fields to discuss trends and competition in their industries. These range from fashion to tech and even bridge philanthropy and social action. Not everyone is a data scientist and we’ve found that analytical minds and super-code skills are not always found together within the same human. Some people are natural analysts with prodigious intuitions that the math wizards and programming superheroes lack. On the other hand, brilliant foresight and world-renowned creative strategies cannot fulfill the requirements for streamlined algorithms and interactive, high-level visualizations. We allow them to come together to build upon each “hack” with expressions from several genres/outlets.

The hackathon is hosted online and is scheduled for Sunday, April 23rd from 2PM-5PM Eastern Standard Time.  The event boasts “invite only”; however specific requests can be made for individuals wishing to present who have not been on the initial list.  For consideration, if you have not yet received an invitation, please contact info@zandoli.org.


Our Competitive Intelligence Hackathon is the gathering of data on relevant industry dynamics through the environmental scanning process. This exclusive event is “invite only” and we are inviting experts in their fields to discuss gaps in the market and creative ways they can make contributions. If you received a special invitation to this hackathon, please prepare a 10-15 minute presentation on your subject matter. The webinar platform will be equipped to play youtube videos, slide-shows, and documents in pdf, ppt and docx format. For security reasons for high-profile invitees, the guest list will not be available publicly. All presentations are due Sunday, April 16th for consideration.

Your ‘Presentation Outline’ should follow these guidelines:

Brief intro of industry
Market gaps
Competitor Analysis
Trends Analysis

The following areas are open for invites for presenters:

Public Policy
Martial Arts
Social Action

Each invitee is allowed up to 3 invites for additional presenters.

***If your specialization is not listed but you would like to present on a topic, please message the host with your request for consideration. (Special invite not required)***


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