200 Test for robotics project internship at Zandoli with NexMetric


Pune, India

Zandoli recently established a robotics department led by tech startup, NexMetric. Zandoli and NexMetric are committed to contributing in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.  Our global partners in Asia, Technavids are working at a remarkable pace and in the United States we are doing everything we can to keep up!  July 13, 2017, over 200 individuals came to a test center in Pune, India to take an online assessment for 3 internship spots with a NexMetric project facilitated by Zandoli Director of Business Solutions for Robotics, and NexMetric Co-Founder, Jameel Shaik.

NexMetric is working to provide courses in robotics and advanced artificial intelligence solutions such as robots and apps.  The website is scheduled to launch towards the end of July.


For internships and technical: 

Director of Business Solutions for Robotics – Zandoli, CoFounder – NexMetric

Jameel Shaik  –  jameel@nexmetric.com

For investments and legal:

Chair & CEO – Zandoli, CoFounder – NexMetric

Camille St. Omer  –  camille@nexmetric.com



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