CCASC dons new logo!

Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes is very pleased to present its new logo! Courtesy of the artist, Keevyn Mohammed!!  Please visit the CCASC Facebook page to Like and Follow our initiatives.  We are happy to say that many new updates will be announced in the near future.  Thank you to all of our supporters who continue to raise awareness of the injustices of sexual abuse and for highlighting methods of prevention.


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Zandoli Africa: Tensions rise in Congo as militant groups kill police and civilians

The Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the resource-richest nations in the world, has been under militant attack in recent months.  As reported by Al Jazeera News, the Kamwina Nsapu militia killed 40 policemen by decapitating them on Saturday, sparing 6 others who spoke their native language.

The French government condemned the acts of violence in DRC and called for immediate action in a statement on their website.

The United Nations indicates that the group has killed over 400 people since August 2016.  10 mass graves were found in the crisis-torn region of Kasai.  Kasai is just a two-hour flight from Kinshasa, DRC’s capital city and metropolis.  The UN states that there are close to 19,000 troops deployed in Congo, with 100 in Kasai.



Victoria Hospital Blood Bank Needs Blood


Yesterday, March 21st a few dozen people were injured and four fatalities occurred in Cul-de-Sac, Saint Lucia as reported by St. Lucia News Online.  The explosion took place at a quarry where a container filled with dynamite caught on fire.

quarry explosion

Photo: SNO

In response to this incident, Victoria and Tapion hospitals are working diligently to ensures patients are recuperating.  Victoria Hospital is in need of blood and is asking persons to please make a donation at their location on Hospital Road.  The blood bank is open from 8AM-3PM, Monday to Friday.  The ages for blood bank donations are 17-70 years old. 17-year-old donors must get parental consent, by having parents sign a form giving permission to donate at the blood bank.  The blood bank did not specify types of blood needed but encouraged all persons within the age range to come out and give blood.  Any questions regarding the donation of blood to Victoria Hospital Blood Bank, please call (758) 456-8241.



Zandoli’s CCASC calls on the Government of Saint Lucia to investigate child abuse


Executive Director to Caribbean Committee against Sex Crimes, and CEO of Zandoli International Foundation, Camille St. Omer is calling on the authorities in Saint Lucia to investigate child molestation and sexual abuse on the island. The recent circulation of a video including underage children engaging in violation of other children is a reminder of the decay in the moral fabric of society.

Deeply troubled by the unsettling news of the exploitation of minors in heinous ways, the organization hopes that crimes perpetrated against children will receive the fullest support of the justice system even in instances where victims lack financial or legal support. A major concern of CCASC are communities where child abuse is rampant and the incomes of families fall below the median for that district, crimes against minors go beyond the socially acceptable time frame. CCASC believes that these lower income demographics require immediate and free support by organizations on the island.

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CCASC is prepared to share its programs of social development to minimize child sexual abuse and distribution of free education materials to families and school children. Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes is an organization with stakeholders and partner organizations throughout CARICOM and the world comprised of over 35+ groups advocating for child molestation prevention. CCASC hosted the US Department of Justice SMART office in a November 2016 meeting to determine best practices and viable options regarding CCASC and Zandoli’s advocacy for the establishment of a regional sex offender’s registry.



Zandoli Live Chat


July 11, 2016 Zandoli launched a live chat option to faciliate communication with it’s global community, inlcuding supporters and volunteers.  This new feature is available on all the Zandoli sites

Zandoli International Foundation

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Zandoli USA

Zandoli Africa

“We are hoping that in addition to email contact; which has been very slow, that this chat option will allow us to answer questions in a faster, more efficient manner.  Our organization is dealing with incoming emails several magnitudes greater than we anticipated, and we are making efforts to answer each of them.”

Zandoli CEO, Camille St. Omer

The live chat is available on desktop and mobile devices, and is completely free of charge.  Support staff will be available from 9-5, M-F Eastern Standard Time via the live chat.

If you have reached the live chat after hours, please submit an email to info@zandoli.org.



Happy 4th of July

Wishing our family and supporters in the United States a Happy Independence Day as we celebrate the 4th of July.


Take a look at this epic list of Independence Day songs we put together last year. You don’t want to miss it!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Zandoli wishes Happy 70th Birthday to Governor General


Zandoli International Foundation wishes the Governor General, Honorable Dame Pearlette Louisy a Happy 70th Birthday.

You have served with grace and honor, and we wish you several more years of blessings and good health.