New Pages Added


We’ve added loads of new content, including several links to a variety of free resources.  We’ve also updated our contribution page so our donors can sign up to give monthly donations or make one-time gifts.

New updates to our blog site include:

Kids section.  This includes our list of kid-friendly free resources and education materials, from dedicated homeschool curriculum to online field trips.  This list is bound to impress parents and children who enjoy the online learning experience.

Donate page for seamless, quick gifting.  We are happy to announce you can sign up to give monthly, with no hassle!  Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.

Our favorite update includes organized lists of FREE Abuse and Suicide prevention training!  If you are working with victims and looking for resources for your team, these will prove to be of use during information sessions.  Abuse prevention &  Suicide prevention.  Some of these courses are quite short, and others are more in-depth.

Free courses: A list of free courses including training for Caregiving, computer programming, foreign languages, and more.

Free resources:  a very random selection of free stuff from free food, birthday gifts, baby items, and more!


Collecting items in Cary for Hurricane Florence

Families in need have reached out to us for assistance and we are calling on our friends to help us meet some of the requests for supplies. We are handling requests for the following items. Additional items are welcomed and will be distributed in the same area.

Important items include :

Undergarments for children and adults

Boys shoes

Girls shoes

Pull Ups

Socks for children

Canned goods/Food supplies

Gently used clothing for children and adults

Paper plates/plastic cups/plastic forks and spoons


You can also give a gift through our private foundation.

For more information on sponsoring a family or others ways to make a difference, please contact usazandoli@gmail.com.


Calling all singers, poets, and rappers from around the world

We are looking for talented people who want to feature their work while helping raise awareness about Human Rights. As a private foundation we are inviting poets, rappers, instrumentalists, and singers of all kinds to take part in #HumanRights2018, an annual Christmas concert hosted online in honor of advocates all around the world.

This year’s theme, #Influencers will focus on how social media influencers can make a difference in the lives of others.

All locations worldwide are encouraged to participate. Send us a link to your work or message us on Facebook with your details.

If you’re interested in sponsorship or partnership opportunities contact: usazandoli@gmail.com.


Cary Rotary Club teams up with Zandoli for school supplies donation to Ave Maria.

Disclaimer: The Rotary Club and Zandoli International Foundation made this donation in 2016 and these photos were lost in the shuffle! 

We recently found them and would like to say again, a huge thank you to Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club for collaborating with us on this effort.

The principal of the Ave Maria school receives school supply donation (2016].



200 Test for robotics project internship at Zandoli with NexMetric


Pune, India

Zandoli recently established a robotics department led by tech startup, NexMetric. Zandoli and NexMetric are committed to contributing in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence.  Our global partners in Asia, Technavids are working at a remarkable pace and in the United States we are doing everything we can to keep up!  July 13, 2017, over 200 individuals came to a test center in Pune, India to take an online assessment for 3 internship spots with a NexMetric project facilitated by Zandoli Director of Business Solutions for Robotics, and NexMetric Co-Founder, Jameel Shaik.

NexMetric is working to provide courses in robotics and advanced artificial intelligence solutions such as robots and apps.  The website is scheduled to launch towards the end of July.


For internships and technical: 

Director of Business Solutions for Robotics – Zandoli, CoFounder – NexMetric

Jameel Shaik  –  jameel@nexmetric.com

For investments and legal:

Chair & CEO – Zandoli, CoFounder – NexMetric

Camille St. Omer  –  camille@nexmetric.com


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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month


At Zandoli and Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes, we support safety education for sexual assault awareness.  For the month of April, we will share materials relating to prevention and learning materials from our resource network.

We read through STOP IT NOW’s TIP SHEET: Everyday Actions to Keep Kids Safe and provided a basic summary for families.  This tip sheet is not just for victims, but for all family members to promote prevention.  Talking with your family and children educates them and like the old adage goes “Prevention is better than cure.”  That simply means that it is easier to prevent something than having to undo the pain and trauma of having to “fix” or “heal”.

Determine clear boundaries and guidelines.

    • All family members have a right to privacy when dressing, bathing, sleeping, etc… without being watched, touched or violated in uncomfortable ways.
    • If the child does not feel like kissing a relative, even it’s Grandma, allow the child to shake hands, respecting the child’s body.
      • Watch for inappropriate behavior in adults or older children.
        • Practice speaking about awkward things and saying uncomfortable or embarrassing words out loud and confronting those behaviors.
        • Report anything you suspect as sexual abuse.
          • Respect their privacy when they say “NO!” to touch that they are not happy with.

          Be prepared.

            • Have a safety plan
            • Make a list of people to report abuse or signs of abuse to

            Get the full TIP SHEET for your family’s action plan here.

            Visit CCASC

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            Zandoli begins 1st batch of “Free STEM Education”


            Zandoli International Foundation launched Zandoli STEM Incubator last year in an effort to provide free STEM education to communities that may have not had the opportunity to participate in these programs otherwise.  On Saturday, April 1st, ZIF sent all students who signed up last year, the prerequisites to begin the first batch.

            If you signed up for the Zandoli STEM Incubator last year, coursework has been emailed to all who registered. If you signed up and did not receive an email with your first course, please message info@zandoli.org.

            If you did not get a chance to sign up last year and would like to participate, please complete the form on this page.


            While participants are no longer required to live in Saint Lucia, or Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, the other requirements remain the same.



            1.  Access to a computer.

            2. Strength in Mathematics.

            3. Intense desire to succeed.

            4. Self-motivation.

            5. Deep sense of purpose.

            6. Attend training near Raleigh/Durham or Castries, Saint Lucia. (NO LONGER REQUIRED.  ALL COURSES HAVE BEEN OPTIMIZED FOR ONLINE LEARNING).

            7. At least 18 years of age, having completed high school or the equivalent.

            8. 3 references from people in your community (no relatives).


            Due to the rigorous nature of the coursework and changes in the technology industry, we require all candidates to complete and pass a pre-requisite course.  The course: Big Data & Artificial Intelligence BDAi-101 will take approximate 6 hours to complete; although, you can complete it faster, or take longer if needed.  No penalties will arise from taking extra time; however, to be considered for continuation in the program, it is advised that students complete BDAi-101 by April 30, 2017.  After you complete the program, a career coach from Zandoli will be in touch with you regarding the educational path you would like to choose. Entry into all paths requires a passing grade of 70% in BDAi-101 to move on to the core curriculum.
            Please sign up to take the free prerequisite course BDAi-101 here:
            We thank you for your interest in STEM education with Zandoli and look forward to helping you reach success towards this effort.